Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where did this come from??!?

I moved to NYC with, literally, 2 bags and a backpack. For the life of me, I do not know where everything else came from. The DVD's I understand. I bought those. I think everything else just reproduced. I left it in my closet or in boxes and it multiplied. There is really no other explanation. Trying to move has meant numerous visits to the post office and UPS. Keep in mind I have a large pile of donations to give, so the things left in my apartment that are not for sale or donation had to come from somewhere. I just don't know where.

I hate moving. I hate 3rd floor walk-ups.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jersey, St. Pat's and Peace Corps

So for the first time ever I went to Hoboken, NJ for their St. Patrick's Day Parade and festivities. My friend Geoff and Kirsten live out there on the parade route so we watched the parade from their stoop then retired to their new, and awesome, apartment. What? I did not go out to a bar? I sat inside like an old person? Yes. First off the bars charge around $20 cover and you still have to spend $7 for a beer. No thank you. Second off, drunk people are annoying if you haven't been drinking. So we sat inside and talked. Geoff made some very good pizza, Kirsten and I made hummus (well okay, I squeezed a lemon). I met some interesting people, one VERY interesting. Apparently, through accounts from the others present, looked liked the movie Hostel was shot there. Talking with one of the party-goers we got on the subject of me keeping this blog.

I don't know if I want to call it a blog, but rather random ramblings and thoughts that pop in my head. Yes I occasionally do hit on some things going on in my life (Peace Corps) that is mildly interesting, but often it is just random things. So don't come into reading this if you expect hilarious/thought provoking/educational issues. No, it's just things that at the time I thought of and happened to be near my computer.

Work is going to be ending quickly. Just 14 more days. Only 29 more days until I am watching "What Not to Wear." Staging was moved back, but that really does not affect me too much since I will be unemployed as of March 26. On another PC note, we have a Facebook page which has allowed me to meet, and talk, to some of the guys and gals coming with me. This I think is pretty awesome, and from the look of it the people who are going seem pretty awesome.

Tonights movie: Pinocchio's Revenge. So far, so cheesy.