Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love Halloween in the city

It brings out the kids in everyone, the stuffy business man reading the Wall Street Journal on your way to work will be the same guy dressed up as Lady GaGa, the uptight teacher will be donning a Wonder Woman outfit. Halloween creates conversations, people stop and talk to each other on the streets, in the subway people strike up conversations with random people. There is laughter and shouting and joy. Of course alcohol assists this, as adults tend to put aside the candy and trade it in for a beer. Halloween makes the city friendly with each other, for at least that one day.

Which makes this Halloween great for me? My friend Scar is getting married in Central Park! I am so excited, but have so much to do on my costume. I'm going as Mother Nature and it looks like the real Mother Nature will do her part, as there is no forecast for rain. Pictures will be included in the next post.

Still no Peace Corps information. Just waiting and trying to prevent RAS. I keep thinking about the Peace Corps in regards to my service. Will my application stand out? Should I have taken French instead of Spanish? Will the extra-curricular activities I have been engaging in the past couple of months help me more? Even though it sounds like I am a bundle of nerves about this, I am not. There is nothing I can really do now that will drastically change my chances. I know I should be invited, I am just waiting for Peace Corps to agree!

Did you know that Kermit the Frog was Eastern European? Yeah, it's ancestors are a tad Polish.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nicknames through the ages

Jennifer Cory is my given name. Most know me by Cory. Some only by Jennifer. To many this leads to confusion. "Why do you go by Cory?" they ask. "I dunno, always been called that." I respond. "Isn't that a boys name?" some, poor souls, ask. (I have learned to let go of the urge to grab them by the throat and squeeze with each syllable "It is not just a boys name") Others still ask, "Do you not like Jennifer?" (or even worse Jenny). My response is always "No, I have no problem with the name Jennifer, I have just never been called it." Cory is my name, at least my main one. But let us look back to nicknames. I have had many.

Second grade: A boy named Matthew (last name omitted for privacy sake). He called me "meatloaf." I am not sure where this came from. While I do like meatloaf (the food, but do enjoy the singer in the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'), it has never been anything I crowed about. He was either flirting with me, in a way only 7 year old boys are wont to do, or he was a masochist. Either way, whenever I was able to catch him I smacked him a good one.

4th grade: My future friend Lyndsey was not aware of my name, as she had just moved to town. She asked the teacher who the girl with hair like noodles was. Thus the nickname 'Noodles' was born.

6th grade: I had this obsession with wearing red high top sneakers. Loved, loved, loved them! (I have re-created this by wearing my red Chuck Taylors). Put this with my curly hair and Ronald McDonald was born.

10th grade: Hercules was born due to wearing these hippie-dippie sandals all the time (there were a couple of people who called me Jesus feet too)

Same year: My friend Jennifer, upset that I went by my middle name decided that I needed a new one. I was thus christened "Cory Wanda" this later was shortened to Cory W, then even more to "Cory Dub." This nickname lasted throughout high school.

Freshman year of college: Crabby rooster. Works on many levels. In the zodiac I am Cancer, thus the crab. In the Chinese Zodiac I am a rooster, thus the rooster. But the name also came about because I am extremely crabby if you wake me up. That and my ability to pinch really, really hard with my toes

Sophomore year/Disney: Fiery farmer. This is because I was attempting to grow an avocado plant as well as dry out some hot peppers (both would regularly get destroyed during our (nightly) parties.) Fiery, not only because of the hot peppers, but because I managed to blow up our microwave. Yes, while everyone else at Disney compound had the normal issue white microwave. Thanks to my cooking, we had a black one. Definite conversation starter.

Of course I am regularly called 'Sprads', 'Spradley' this leads to confusion as my other siblings respond to this name as well. So I just stuck to the ones that are specific to me (well leaving out 'stinky feet', 'fat girl' and 'PPSW').

Peace Corps News: Dentally cleared. Woo Hooo!! This means I do not have to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Still waiting on medically cleared. Of course by waiting, I mean I have been checking my status daily. Even though I know it is too soon, the hope runs hard. Tomorrow, I will not check my status, that is my new goal.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sneaking this entry in at work. Just checked my Peace Corps application (I promise I am actually doing work, well after locating numerous videos parodying "Jersey Shore" but after that I worked.) and they have received my medical packet but will not be reviewing it soon as my leave date is more than 4 months away.

It's getting cold outside and I am thrilled. I love bundling up and wearing scarves but am starting to experience seperation anxiety with my shorts and flip flops.