Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Been a long time gone

One year in Kenya. It feels like just yesterday and a million years ago since I came here. We got our goats! As well as the largest chickens I have ever seen, at least here. They weighed about 10 pounds each. Everyone was happy. I even got a goat named after me. Apparently Cory is a popular name for livestock right now. My health club at the primary school is going well. We're discussing hygiene right now, everything from washing hands, food storage, teeth brushing and environmental personal health. I have discovered that if I bribe them with stickers they appear more eager to participate/volunteer in the class. I've also discovered another use for the fake blood I brought. (Yes I brought fake blood. Laugh all you want but who will you come to for Halloween if you need to make your zombie/vampire/mob justice victim look real). I've used it as paint to demonstrate how flies transmit disease. I've been doing a lot of traveling in the past month, last weekend alone in a span of 4 days I spent a whopping 31 hours on a bus. I went up to Nanyuki and Maua to visit friends and to participate in a murder mystery party. Everyone can relax, I didn't kill anyone. Though we did meet someone while up there who had just been arrested for murder (he was released until his trial). Needless to say, we tried to avoid him. Here are some pictures This is an oldie, from last December when we (RUWONET) held our support day for the orphans and widows in the community. My ceramic jiko mama's (and my counterpart) after completing our tree nursery This is part of my group, the chief and their goats