Friday, February 24, 2012

Cory, Vampire Slayer


So I have been busy. I went out to coast for the holidays, had a pretty good time. It is definitely a beautiful place and I loved hanging out near the ocean. The tide pools were definitely really awesome, we found Nemo, starfish, a sharks tooth and about five billion sea urchins. Luckily I practice safety first and did not have the joy of stepping on one. Unlike Sarah, but bad luck was apparently on her side as she managed to get jiggers and malaria while there. She took one for the team. While I enjoyed myself I did not enjoy the weather. I have experience 100% humidity in 90+ degree weather, it's called July in Arkansas. No thank you, beach and all I would rather just visit.

Work has really picked up. All of my groups have decided to undertake further IGAs and projects. Besides my ceramic jikos, yogurt, catering and farming. I am now helping to set up numerous other empires. So this means I am rushing to educate myself on poultry farming, goat farming, tree nurseries and paper beads.
Watch out Tyson, I'm going to take over.

I've also been doing trainings with area groups on nutrition, sack gardening and nutrition gardening. My trainings focus on child health and nutrition for people living with HIV/AIDS. I try to do demonstrations to help showcase how easy it is to grow and eat nutritious foods (not ugali). For the most part it seems relatively well received, though I have my doubters and finicky eaters. But you get those everywhere.

I spent today working with my goat/yogurt group build different types of gardens. A trainer with Heifer Project came to instruct. It was pretty good. Though I do have one complaint, and it comes up quite often with me here. No it's not the inability of people to keep time (you come to the meeting 2 hours late? All of you? No problem), I have gotten used to that. I have books. It's pretty much their opinion that I can not do anything, can not do anything for an extended period of time and tire easy. This means they often refuse to let me do a lot. Which brings out my stubborn side. So I throw myself in to the mix, even if it means I am sunburned, exhausted and have tons of blisters. I don't always choose the pain route, take today. My attempts at tilling the earth were cut short by the mama's refusing to let me handle any of the shovels or hoes. I was allowed to wield the machete to cut stakes. I made about 50 stakes, we only used 10. I can only assume the mama's are training me for some upcoming vampire invasion.