Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sneaking this entry in at work. Just checked my Peace Corps application (I promise I am actually doing work, well after locating numerous videos parodying "Jersey Shore" but after that I worked.) and they have received my medical packet but will not be reviewing it soon as my leave date is more than 4 months away.

It's getting cold outside and I am thrilled. I love bundling up and wearing scarves but am starting to experience seperation anxiety with my shorts and flip flops.


peacecorpskatiem said...

Congrats on completing medical! I am waiting for a nomination but I am not looking forward to what I have heard is the looooong process of completing the medical/dental packet! Good luck with everything, I will be following your blog!


Cory said...

peaceocrpskatiem-in terms of completing my medical it was soo long because, thankfully, my doctor was very thorough. We went over each form at length and what needed to be done. (I also gave him the challenge that only like 15% of all medical forms are filled out correctly by the doctor. I think he took this as a challenge). The long process appears to be the waiting on being cleared. Good Luck to you!! I will also follow you and can't wait for good news from you

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