Sunday, February 13, 2011

Addicted to the drama

No, not me. I prefer to be an audience member in all things crazy and manic (hmm...maybe this is why I chose social work?). I hate to love the Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, etc. They are pretty worthless shows, but I just can not turn away. My new favorite show? The girl that lives across the hall from me. I don't know her name, we're friendly enough to say hi to each other but that is about it. I shall refer to her as LGAH (loud girl across hall). She is dating VSN (very similar name). There have been a couple of guests spots, but no return characters.

LGAH and VSN first started providing me entertainment the first week after Christmas. I was sitting in my kitchen/computer room (best wi-fi connection) when I hear someone yell my name. I got really confused. While I greet my fellow apartment dwellers if we run into each other, with the exception of the guy below me who let me borrow his ladder, I don't know them by name. Plus my downstairs buddy (DB), would A) not be screaming my name and B) works nights as an EMT. No it was my introduction to my, previously, quiet neighbor. I could hear every word, and boy has it been entertaining.

LGAH and VSN have a relationship that is based on mistrust and jealousy. Constant fighting about the other one flirting with others/not being romantic enough/not defending the other one/being stupid. Literally all the arguments, and this happens at least 4 times a week, center on at least one of these issues. Now I"m not sitting there with my ear pressed to the door to listen, they are that loud that I can hear them. I don't try to, but I don't walk away. Well I have somewhat participated I guess. Usually at least three times in the argument VSN will start yelling "Maybe I should just leave." I have on occasion stated in a loud voice "Yes you should." They didn't hear me.

Does this make me a bad person?

OH my God, they just started.

Well back to the real, non-Borderline world. GO PACK GO!!! I know I'm a little late, but I was busy. I was, and am, thrilled that the Pack won the Superbowl!!!! I know my grandfather was over the moon!

We are starting the interview process next week for my position. It's only like 5 weeks till I move back home! Acccck! My piles of stuff that I want to give away keeps growing. Today I cleaned out my fridge. Lots of "wonderful" presents in there. Still trying to talk my boss into letting me take the non-working shredder out back, playing the Office Space theme, and smashing it to bits.

Also, the line at Trader Joe's was an hour long. I pretty much said screw this, I'm going home. Tomorrow I will attempt it again. I really want to make the white chili.

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