Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a day

So get up, shower, watch the daily show and head across the street to pick up the other half of my breakfast: an orange (in case you were wondering the first half were some Cheerios). I peel it and put the peel in the trash outside the store. First couple of triangles go down fine. The 4th one ruined my day. No, it tasted fine, it wasn't overly mushy, it looked safe. Little did I know it was harboring a secret. A nasty, evil secret. Some would call them seeds. Now normally seeds and I have a "you go your way I will go mine" type relationship. Well seeds have started a war they do not want to start. This particular seed sent a message, that can only rival the message that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand sent. Namely, we are about to unleash a dental hell that you have not experienced yet. In non-dramatic fashion, my filling fell out. I screamed. An old lady next to me screamed. Whether or not I overreacted is up to interpretation. I calmed down a bit and went over my situation. Examined the possibilities. 1) "man up" and go to work where I would have to spend at least 2 hours with a client at the welfare office. In pain. 2) go back to my apartment and moan and cry. In pain. 3) go to the dentist. In pain. I chose 3. I called work, and at this point felt a little bit like I was in shock (mind you, after 4 years of braces and braces-like things I am not a fan of the dentist. Plus there is the fact that I have had 2 cavities in my lifetime and both dentists determined they didn't need to numb anything, which was painful. So yeah, I have trouble with the dentist now). I called work and told my boss I wouldn't be coming in as I had, and I quote, "some errands I have to run that coincide with work." I hang up and realize that made no sense whatsoever. I called my co-worker and asked her to remind some of my clients of some things and then hopped on the subway.

Chinatown-dentist. Filling re-filled.


I spend the next 6 hours laying on my couch watching random shows. I watched all of Walking Dead which is so completely awesome words can not express. My extreme love of all things zombie is loving this new show.

I finished up the marathon of Harry Potter that had started over the weekend with my knitting club. Made plans on going to see the movie. I am so hyped for this movie, though upset part 2 will not come out until summer when (hopefully) I will be in Peace Corps. So all NYC peeps, I am leaving it up to you to send me a bootleg copy. On a side note, I am overly hyped for this movie, though maybe not acting on it like I did last year. For those who do not know last year I attended the midnight screening, where I joined friends in line at 8 PM. Yes, I waited in line for 4 hours. To top that, I was literally flying home 3 hours after the movie ended. I went straight from the theater to the airport. I am a geek.

Now I am watching some Law and Order SVU. (I can almost imagine people going "And, why do you think we need to know this?" Well you don't, and I don't really care. I was bored today and felt I should pass the boredom on)

Also knitting like a mad woman, I've finished a pair of mittens, 2 pairs of fingerless gloves and a pair of socks in the past month. Guess what people are getting for Christmas!

No news from Peace Corps

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elizabeth said...

Where is your nomination? If I'm there too can I pretty please watch your bootleg HP7.2? I'm the biggest nerd ever that I'm like, "Aw man, I'm going to miss a movie. Of a book. That I have read. At least three times."

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