Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sigh of relief, scream of ???

So it has been a week since I received my invitation to Kenya. So many thoughts, many of which are very schizophrenic/bipolar. Here is a smattering, some are pieces of conversations I had with other, others are actual thoughts:

-I have to eat this, I may not be able to eat this in Kenya!
-Holy Crap, I will be in Kenya in 5 months
-What if I can't retain the language and get kicked out
-I will be living at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro for the first couple of months
-What am I doing?
-I rock (though to be honest, this is a normal thought for me)
-AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!! (mainly in response to everything that I need/want to do before I go)
-Oh. My. God.
-I'm putting in my notice soon
-You have to send me DVD's of zombie movies

So I think I am taking this well. Though I am very upset I might be a little late in seeing the next Harry Potter flick (dork, yes).

I sent in my aspiration statement and resume after spending way too much time on them. I have a bad habit of over thinking things, specifically in regards to me. Ask me to read a book and write a report on it. Easily done. Ask me to write something about myself. Overkill. Especially if it will influence my future. I finally had to sit down and just write what came out of my head. I did three read overs to make sure it sounded correct and e-mailed it off. Of course immediately after I sent it, I regretted it and thought of everything else I should have said. But it was fine, which I know intellectually.

I want to thank all the current PCV's who are keeping online journals, you guys are helping me out so much! It helps me to get an idea of what I might go through. I can not wait, for the good or the bad!

On a second note, I was not bit by a spider. I have an infection on my ankle. I went to the doctor today and we're trying out some antibiotics for it. Luckily my body has always complied with my wishes to "man up" and be healthy. I don't tolerate being sick and require my body to heal very quickly. It always has in the past, nothing big or bad has happened. I won't allow it. My body realizes this and acts accordingly. I think this is just some rebellion on it's part. But i have laid down the law. Still have to let PC know which stinks.

Put in my notice today. My 2 month notice. It was pretty great.

If anyone wants to come clean my apartment I will heat you up some gumbo and give you a beer.

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elizabeth said...

Those thoughts/comments are ALL things that I have thought too! Except substitute "Uganda" for "Kenya" and "three weeks" for "five months" (and cut out the thing about Mt. Kilimanjaro...) I have asked about 10 people to send me a dvd of the last Harry Potter when it comes out because I'm honestly heartbroken about missing it.

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