Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kenya dig it?

So I'm going to Kenya as of May 30!!! I am very excited in the "I decided to go sky diving and I'm up in the air about to jump" way. I can't wait, I am excited and also scared out of my mind. But I'm jumping, I accepted the invite today. Now there is so much to do and so much that I still have to wrap my head around.

I knew I was getting the invite when I got home last night and saw a slip of paper from UPS stuck on the front door of my building. They said they would try back the following day, which meant I had to be home (the UPS facility in NYC is in East New York, I have been there one time and that was one time too many). So I texted my boss and said "personal day." I then headed out to watch the Sugar Bowl, my Hogs vs my new nemesis Ohio State.

I'm not going to go into the game, my emotions or my actions (I did behave myself, I just screamed and danced and screamed and slammed my head on the bar). It was not a good night. On the plus side I did get most of the people in the bar to call the Hogs and I did get some free beer, but still not a good night.

Woke up early this morning, bummed around. My intercom door buzzer goes off. I nearly knock myself out getting to it. UPS! I rush down stairs, sans shoes, socks or keys. And scared the hell out of the UPS woman. I might have been a little overly excited. The rest you know.

So now the real work begins, I've got to start packing and getting things in order, I've got to write and fill out the rest of the PC stuff. Oye Vey!

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