Friday, April 8, 2011


I am writing this while sitting at the airport, waiting for my plane to take me back to Arkansas. Unlike my previous trips home over the course of the years, this time I am not coming back. As my cab was careening towards, what I was certain of at the time, sudden death, I got a good view of Manhattan. It kinda made me sad. In a way I don't want to leave.
There are so many things I haven't done! It can't be time for me to leave. I never had tea at the Ritz. I never went to a Knicks game. No La Bernadin, no kayaking the Hudson. My mind knows that I can always come back and do all of these things and more. It's always there to do. But I don't think I will. New York was fun and I had a blast, but I am done with it. Let others have their fun.

I am off for bigger and better things. First up, surviving the wilds of Lonoke, AR.

That was obviously written a little over a week ago. It was not posted until now because my parents don't believe that getting the internet at home would be beneficial. Since that time I have survived the first week of Lonoke, attend the 40th anniversary of University of Arkansas rugby, and watched hours of Yo Gabba Gabba. Only one of those things I did under my own free will (hint: it does not involve a farm or toys that come to life). So now I'm in Kenya mode. Well, not really. So far my preparation has been buying a skirt and two shirts, trying on my Chacos and deciding if I want to bring a halloween costume. I'm sure I will get more into it the closer it comes.

Also there was a huge bull in our yard this morning.

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