Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is this a dry on run for Kenya?

So it's been storming like crazy here in Arkansas (and all over the south) for the past three days. Every afternoon for the past three days I have turned on the radio to listen to some (mediocre) tunes. I can't get through a whole (crappy) song without the national weather service beeping. Luckily for my family we have been lucky and have not, really, been affected by the weather. Sadly, many communities around us were not so lucky.

We did not get totally away unscathed. A branch crashed down on our power line. Thus, we lost power. Monday night. So far it has not been found again. Living without electricity is not the worst, I have now been able to get through a lot of my books. But since we have a well, which runs on electricity, we do not have water. Now I know what you guys are thinking. Stop complaining, whiner, this is what you will probably have to deal with in Kenya. True. And I'm not whining. I'm not in Kenya yet, and this totally screws with my whole way of living I've been doing. Mainly, the line of thought "hey, I'm going to be in Africa for two years, they may not have this, I might not be able to do this in Africa, I better eat this because I may never have it again." I expected a short stint in eden before going to Kenya.

Here's to hoping the electricity will get turned on back on by Friday. If not, does anyone (with electricity) want a houseguest for awhile?

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Andrea said...

oh my gosh i totally do the "i'm gonna eat this cause i might not have it in africa" thing haha i can't tell you how living without mexican food will feel ha can't wait to meet you!

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