Friday, December 31, 2010

Best. New Year. Ever.

So the Peace Corps gods have been good to me! I've been officially nominated!! Checked my e-mail this morning to the wonderful news that my application has been updated and immediately rushed to find out how. After doing some fist pumps (I promise you these were the complete opposite of those stupid fist pumps the Jersey Shore people do) and doing a happy dance I went to work.

I was not planning on reporting any of this until I learned where I am going (which should be early next week), but well I couldn't contain myself. I especially did not plan on writing this while I have company over celebrating NYE. But they are engrossed in the movie.

So now a whole new set of emotions have over taken me. Before it was anxiety and RAS about whether I would be invited (no matter how many people told me not to worry that I was very qualified, I always thought the worst). Now it is fear and complete scared shitless feeling. What have I gotten myself into? Can I really do this? Am I really qualified? What if I fail? Now the rational part of me says "This is what you have been wanting for awhile now. Cory, you have plenty of experience, much of which will help you greatly no matter what you do. You will not fail because then your sister will win (to those who do not know my sister was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali) and you will be inferior to her. Plus you are stubborn as hell and always find ways to survive." It's just the fear of the unknown which causes the irrational part of me to mentally scream.

So while I have these scared shitless feelings, I am elated beyond belief. I'm going to get to live in a new country, a new culture and learn tons of new things and hopefully teach a ton of new things. I'm anxious to find others that are serving in my country. I'm anxious to try new things, to travel, to eat different things. In other words, I am not focusing on the present anymore (this will no doubt make my boss really happy. I'll just have to work on focusing on work). I don't think my brain has fully wrapped around the idea yet.

So next update will be my new country!

Also, I know I promised a "Best of" blog. I later realized, I've only seen 3 movies this year (127 hours, Harry Potter and True Grit) so I guess those are my top 3 movies of the year. (oh, I did see a great documentary on Netflix called Up Syndrome which is very, very awesome). I bought one new album this year, Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown, so that wins best album of the year (now if only we could get The Strokes to release an album).

Side note: I have found an awesome use of the radiator in my bathroom. The radiator is a long pole extending from floor to ceiling. I have found when it is hot it makes a really great massage beam. By rubbing my back and shoulders on it I am able to relax more. So far no real uses for the radiators in other parts of my apartment, other than making my apartment really hot.

Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year, may it bring peace, prosperity and happiness! Take care all. (my guests are getting suspicious so I must return to hosting duties)

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