Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well I finally reached medical.

This is my second attempt at writing this. Hey, I gave up coffee awhile ago and it was a long night for me.

So after receiving a message from my (most likely) nurse assistant (apologizes if it is the nurse) last week stating she would start my medical packet this week, I gave her a call yesterday.

It was exactly what I thought would happen, while not major and not really time consuming still a pain. I have to get an updated pap smear (the last one was barely under a year when I sent it in), I have to attempt to locate records of a surgery I had on my finger 8 years ago and MH has to look at my seeing a therapist that one time to determine if further steps are necessary. So while I'm running around trying to get a hold of people, it's not due to any medical issues with me. Just getting verification from different doctors.

So my cousin Anna and friend Heidi are in town, which means I will spend the rest of the week eating. I can't wait!

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